I wanted to enter from the bottom if possible this week, but I couldn't see the chart at the right place ... sad


First of all, I would like to start with the weekly chart.

It has stopped around the falling FR38.1, which was also near the previous high.


Then, the daily schedule is ...

It is stopped around the yellow zone, which is the daily low resistance line, and it does not easily fall from there.

Next, in the 4-hour chart, it has risen from near the low price that was stopped last time, and has risen to the line of interest and 200MA.

I think it was a predictable move.

As you can see from the 1h chart, the head and shoulders are formed as shown by the light blue line.

Actually I wanted to enter from the bottom near the low price, but I did not look at the chart at the time…


So, I managed to get in with a buy entry with a rise above 200MA and a buy entry from the place where I made a squeeze again with 200MA.

That is also FR38.2 ~.