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How to use Fibonacci Expansion to be a high win rate Forex trader

Forex Trading Method

Many people may already say, “I know how to use Fibonacci expansion”. I also honestly think, it is very useful in the Forex market.   For example,  when you think   “How far will the market price rise? or “How far will the market price go down?”   With this Fibonacci expansion, you can find out some target points.   When I first used it, I remember being impressed with how wonderful it was!   Also, sometimes it is surprising to know not only the target point (settlement point) but also the point to enter.   Basic settings and meaning of Fibonacci expansion (extension) Settings in Metatrader 4 (MT4) Let’s・・・

“Elliott Wave Pattern Collection / Example Collection” for Forex Intermediates Vol.1

Forex Trading Method

The Elliott wave that Forex traders learn should be simple.   Knowledge from the internet and investment books is, well, almost useless.   In particular, the more complicated the theory, the less useful it is. It cannot be used in the actual market.   why?   There are many times when that move doesn’t apply to the market.   Therefore, the more you learn about Elliott Wave, the more garbage knowledge that does not apply to the market will increase.   If so, learn only the minimum necessary “usable” knowledge immediately. Then just practice, practice, and practice.   Make sure you get a chance when you can use Elliott wave・・・

【Super easy FX method】How to earn $ 10,000 a month with just the royal road entry pattern

Forex Trading Method

Do you know which way to go? You don't know? I don't know either although I trade FX for a long time. Because it is a future price movement, we humans cannot predict 100%. Even if you cannot predict future price movements, there is an easy way to earn 1 million yen per month with Forex. Full-time amateur trader who can not earn $ 10,000 a month may dies Most of the Forex traders would say, "I don't know which way to go at all" by looking at the charts. Then, leave the question as it is and trade with no plan. Trade without knowing. What happens if you trade・・・

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